US: Zelda and Pokémon Monopoly to hit shelves this year

USAopoly has developed a range of Nintendo licensed board games including Monopoly and Mario Connect Four.
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Video game sensations Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda are each undergoing the Monopoly treatment, thanks to US manufacturer, USAopoly.

Unveiled during the American International Toy Fair this February, the board games are slated for release across the US this September.

So far, all that has been confirmed is that the Legend of Zelda Monopoly board game will be set in Hyrule and feature some of the most famous characters, including Zelda and Link.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon game wil focus on the Kanto region featured in Pokémon Leaf Green and Pokémon Fire Red.

Furthermore, USAopoly is also preparing to launch its Connect 4: Super Mario this spring.

The game will see Mario and Luigi go head to head as players race to score four in a row in this Nintendo licensed game.

The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon Monopoly board games will be the latest Nintendo based Monopoly sets to hit retail, following the launch of the Nintendo Collector’s Edition in 2006, states Joystiq.


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