Minecraft creator: 'Lego inspired me'

Markus Persson says Lego may have subconsciously inspired the video game.
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The man behind Minecraft believes a partnership between his game and Lego would be a "perfect match" for a range of toys.

Speaking to ToyNews, Minecraft creator Markus Persson, aka 'Notch', said: "Having grown up with Lego and it probably having subconsciously affected the design of Minecraft - I'd say it's a perfect match."

Both fans of toys and video games have been gripped by the prospect of a Lego set based on the increasingly valuable Minecraft brand.

Although Persson is "not involved in the discussions" himself, he remains hopeful.

“One thing I personally think would be ridiculously awesome in the long-term would be to get Minecraft character shaped Minifigures,” he said.

The idea for the Lego Minecraft line originated on Cuusoo – a community initiative which gives Lego fans the opportunity to see their ideas become real products.

If a submission gets 10,000 votes of support then Lego will consider making the product.

In just one day, Lego Minecraft has amassed over 8,000 votes of support.

Minecraft's iconic dirt block, in Lego form.

Yesterday, Paal Smith-Meyer, head of the Lego new business group said he was "really excited to see the fantastic enthusiasm of the Minecraft community."

Although Minecraft hasn’t been released at retail, the independently developed game has sold millions of copies digitally and has a fanatical community, with over 16 million users registered on its website.

With the project looking certain to hit the magic number, an official Lego Minecraft set could indeed become a reality.

Smith-Meyer said: "This is what Lego Cuusoo is all about, connecting people’s passion to the Lego brick."

Lego Minecraft would not be the first construction toy based on a video game brand. Mega Bloks has enjoyed success with its Halo range, and recently signed on to make toys based on World of Warcraft and Starcraft II.


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