Anki Overdrive takes gameplay to 'next level' with Supertrucks launch

At nearly triple the size of other Anki Overdrive Supercars, the new battle rigs: Freewheel and X52 deliver new weapons and game modes.
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Robotics firm Anki is taking its hit battle-racing game Anki Overdrive to the next level with a swathe of recent additions including the new Supertrucks.

Arriving at nearly triple the size of other Anki Overdrive Supercars, the new battle rigs: Freewheel and X52 deliver powerful new weapons to the gameplay as well as new game modes.

Created by the Hollywood car designer Harald Belker, who has worked on movie titles such as Minority Report and Tron: Legacy, the two battle rigs will launch to retail in Canada from October 3rd this year.

Each Supertruck comes with new weapon options including X52’s Pulse Ram and Freewheel’s Gravity Trap that will cause all other players to lose control while on the track.

The new vehciles also come armed with their own exclusive game called Takeover in which players attempt to break through a Supertruck’s defenses to take control of the vehicle and wreak havoc in the game.

“The new robotic Supertrucks deliver a whole new level of play to the Anki Overdrive universe that will give players more content and allow them to rethink their gameplay style,” said Boris Sofman, co-founder and CEO, Anki.

“The introduction of the new vehicles is part of our on-going mission to support, update and rollout features both on the software and hardware side, that build off the core robotic battle-racing experience.”

Anki has seen worldwide success with its Anki Overdrive arm and to date players have logged in 3.2 million hours of gameplay, driven more than two million miles in the game and have built nearly 55,000 different track configurations.


Anki Overdrive launches in UK today

It combines robotic toy cars that keep themselves on the track automatically, allowing the player to use their smartphone app to steer, trigger weapons and upgrade vehicles between races.

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