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Opinion: International trust and how to keep our young consumers onside – Trudi Bishop

In my on-going battle against plastic waste, I have previously written that it was time for brands to be more public about the actions they’re taking to be more sustainable. Consumers aren’t looking for perfection, but they are looking for action. Action by brands leads to increased trust and loyalty. …

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Little voice: Why we should be shouting loud and proud about our sustainability efforts

This week’s industry opinion comes from Trudi Bishop, a long time member of the toy and licensing community and founder of Bee Licensing. She is a firm advocate of the sustainability movement across toys and licensing and a regular fixture of ToyNews with her leading opinion on the topic. Sustainability …

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The bottom line: Why businesses need to take the ‘sustainable’ hit now

Trudi Bishop returns to the pages of ToyNews to promote the message of sustainability within the industry, this time with a call to action for the toy makers that any hit taken in the short term will pay off in the long. The groundbreaking movement by the young environmentalist Greta …

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