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“Clixo is my LEGO brick”: Toyish Labs CEO talks about what happens when origami meets construction toys

When the toy designer and the CEO of Toyish Labs, Assaf Eshet, finally struck upon his idea for Clixo, he believed he had stumbled across his LEGO brick. In his own words, Clixo ‘is the holy grail of his design journey,’ a concept that brings in the fundamentals of origami …

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Mojo Nation celebrates ‘thriving toy design community’ with Play Creators Festival

Glance over your shoulder a second to look at the past first half a year and you’ll see a trail emblazoned with some of the best innovation the toy space has witnessed for some time. Despite the much-reported hardships 2019 has also brought with it for the likes of the …

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“The toy invention scene is alive and kicking,” says Alpha Group’s VP of global product design, Darren Lee Phillipson

Each month, ToyNews picks on one industry bigwig to put through the ringer with a series of prying questions. This month, it’s Alpha Group’s vice president of global product design, Darren Lee Phillipson as we dig a little deeper into the toy design scene. How would you describe the current …

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