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UK charity London Play launches Play 52 to support children affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Play experts at the UK charity, London Play have assembled a team of artists and designers, as well as employed the efforts of Cartamundi, to launch a new and unique pack of cards featuring ideas for games to help keep children inspired throughout the UK’s prolonged period of unease around …

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Into the wild: How The Den Kit Company is taking us all back to nature

Given nothing but a tarpaulin, some rope, and a billhook, Kay Miller – one half of the founding duo of the Den Kit Company – didn’t just McGuyver her way to creating shelter for the night during her Forest School teacher-training, but lit the spark of the inspiration that has …

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Wicked Vision: “We’re much more than a toy company, we’re a true lifestyle brand”

Wicked Vision is so much more than a toy company. The words spoken to ToyNews from across a Zoom chat blighted by lawnmowers passing by an open window one end of the conversation, and a WiFi that had all but given up on the other. It wasn’t just for emphasis …

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