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LEGO launches its ‘Ready for Girls’ campaign with shocking new research on gender stereotypes

New research commissioned by the LEGO Group reveals that girls today feel increasingly confident to engage in all types of play and creative activities, but remain held back by society’s ingrained gender stereotypes as they grow older. The study was carried out by the Geena Davis Institute in recognition of …

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The LEGO Group launches RMS Titanic

The LEGO Group has revealed an authentic replica of the most famous ship of all time, the RMS Titanic. For the first time, fans can now recreate the luxury liner in detailed LEGO brick form, 110 years since it was launched in Belfast in 1911. The LEGO Titanic is one …

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LEGO Group launches Doom the Gloom to help families become “digitally smart”

The LEGO Group has launched a new programme of fun interactive guides, games and play activities designed to help parents raise digitally smart families.   At a time when we are spending more time online than ever before, the new experiences explore and promote a better understanding of key digital citizenship skills such as digital empathy, screen time management, and privacy and safe sharing among the whole family. The …

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