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Ravensburger launches Pokémon Labyrinth in US market

Award-winning games publisher Ravensburger has announced the US release of Pokémon Labyrinth. Previously released in Europe, Pokémon Labyrinth combines two globally popular brands, both celebrating anniversaries in 2021. Labyrinth is an international classic with over 20 million copies sold in 60 countries worldwide, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2021, while Pokémon is celebrating …

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Ravensburger opens floor to 3D designers with MyMiniFactory collaboration

The international board game giant, Ravensburger, has partnered with the London 3D content platform, MyMiniFactory to invite creatives to design new themes and figurines that can be used in an updated version of its popular title, Labyrinth. In a first of its kind IP licensing agreement, it is hoped that …

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