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Messy goes to Okido makers launch first coding board game on Kickstarter

Okido, the London-based team behind the STEAM learning series Messy Goes to Okido on CBeebies, has joined forces with the educational toy and game firm OjO to launch a new coding board game for kids. Called Which Way? the games has been launched via a Kickstarter campaign with ta target …

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Space Invaders – The Board Game lands on Kickstarter for gaming brand’s 40th anniversary

The company responsible for creating Space Invaders, Taito, has now partnered with 612 Entertainment to launch a new Space Invaders board game onto the Kickstarter platform. Simply called Space Invaders – The Board Game, the title looks to recreate the iconic video game brand in 3D, physical play, while commemorating …

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Gaming sector pulls in $1bn in backer pledges on Kickstarter since 2009

Gaming has been big business for Kickstarter for some time now, but this week the crowdfunding platform revealed some rather impressive figures. As a collective sector, gaming has now brought in over $1billion in donation to creators since 2009, with pledges made by some 3.2 million people who have backed …

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PS4’s bestselling God of War gets tabletop treatment in new card game

The 3.1 million best-selling PS4 title, God of War is making its way to the realms of tabletop gaming, thanks to the efforts of the card and board game specialist, CMON. God of War: The Card Game follows the 2018 reboot of the PlayStation franchise and sees players take control …

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Kickstarter project Solar City bankrupted as ‘CEO flees country’

The team behind a Kickstarter backed board game set in a sustainable future of 2035 has fallen into disarray following the disappearance of its president. Games Factory secured just over $95,000 in June last year for its tabletop title Solar City, a sci-fi board game that puts players in charge …

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With nearly £5 million in crowdfunding this board game is Kickstarter’s biggest project of 2018

The tabletop game Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon hit its target of £40,000 in a matter of hours of going live on the crowdfunding site and went on to secure nearly £5 million by the end of December. The project is still live and taking pledges.

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