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Asmodee Entertainment partners with SD Toys for jigsaw puzzles

SD Toys and Asmodee Entertainment have entered a licensing partnership to produce jigsaw puzzles for some of Asmodee’s best-known IPs – Dobble, Legend of the Five Rings, Terrinoth: Legends, Twilight Imperium, Arkham Horror, and KeyForge. The deal reflects Asmodee Entertainment’s push to expand their merchandise partnerships. Featuring iconic artwork from …

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Asmodee Entertainment stikes deal with Dark Horse Comics to develop tabletop art book series

Asmodee Entertainment is secured a new partnership with Dark Horse Comics to create a series of licensed art books for three of the tabletop gaming titan’s leading gaming properties. Under the new deal, Dark Horse has tapped into Asmodee’s portfolio of over 300 gaming IPs to curate a collection of …

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Asmodee crowns first UK Grand Champion at premiere KeyForge tournament

Asmodee has crowned the UK’s first Grand Champion KeyForge player following the two-player card game’s premiere tournament that took place in Milton Keynes last month. Set in a vibrant sci-fi world, KeyForge sees players race to unlock vaults of untold knowledge by pitting their decks of cards against each other. …

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