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National Puzzle Day: our roundup of the best new jigsaws

No doubt about it, jigsaws are enjoying a moment. Sales surged by 240% during the height of the pandemic when families and kids rediscovered the many benefits of puzzles – how they boost problem-solving and fine-motor skills, encourage concentration, even help banish stress – and the overall sector is still …

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Christmas container chaos is global as Greek toy retailer Jumbo sees major shipment delays

The Greek toy and gift retailer, Jumbo, has revealed that some 6,000 containers of the some of the best-selling toys this year, are stuck on cargo ships and shipping containers around the world, in an echo of the current chaos being experienced at UK ports. The firm, which operates stores …

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Piecing it all together: From wellbeing to rock ‘n’ roll – how jigsaw puzzling has redefined its own image

It’s indisputable that jigsaw puzzles today aren’t what they used to be. And we can all breathe a sigh of relief for that, because if there was ever a sector in need of a real shot in the arm, it was one such as this. A sector formerly soaked in …

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