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“It’s at the forefront of innovation”: Crafting meets social media as Flair launches Let’s Glow Studio

Flair has lifted the lid on a new genre-bending product launch called Let’s Glow Studio, a content creation craft kit that aims to merge the current demand for arts and crafts with the social media content creation space, using a new GlowFabric Technology to bring content to life. The patent-pending …

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Artistic Flair | From Spirograph to Sneak’Artz, Flair talks mixing its mediums in the Arts & Crafts space

Home to some of the most recognisable heritage brands in the arts and crafts sector – namely Spirograph and Plasticine – Flair is a company well-versed in the art of preserving the rich history of cross-generational brands, while pursuing the unique and innovative in a sector that is as much …

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