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Mattel rejects merger bid from MGA Entertainment

Mattel has rejected another merger offer from MGA Entertainment’s CEO Isaac Larian, the boss of the Bratz Dolls maker revealed earlier this week. Now widely reported across business media, MGA Entertainment made the proposal in a letter to Mattel’s CEO Ynon Kriez, but was rebuffed in a response that stated …

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“25 per cent tariffs on toys will devastate our industry,” comes cry as trade war rages on

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has revealed that it has been ordered to “begin the process of raising tariffs on essentially all remaining imports from China, valued at approximately $300 billion.” The details emerges just days after US president Donald Trump more than doubled tariffs on $200 …

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“Blaming Toys R Us is lame,” says MGA’s Isaac Larian as company posts 178 per cent YoY growth in third quarter

His outburst comes as the company celebrates another successful quarter, having posted year on year growth of 178 per cent for the third quarter of 2018 driven by the success of not only LOL Surprise but also Poopsies, Little Tikes, Num Noms and more.

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