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Opinion | Lines of communication: Supporting mental health is more important than ever

Home-schooling, social restrictions, country-wide lockdowns and increased screen time among families that propelled the conversation around children’s mental well-being into the spotlight over the last few months, as concerns rise over the impact of the pandemic on the health of our younger generations. With this in mind, founder of the …

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How The International Elf Service is taking families back to the traditional this Christmas

Inspired by the mind of JR Tolkein and his¬†Letters from Father Christmas, Emily Beckloff began penning her own letters of correspondence with Saint Nick in 2009 as a means of adding a little extra festive magic for her own family under the name the International Elf Service. By 2014, Beckloff …

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Independent Toy Awards winner International Elf Service unveils 2020 collection

The UK independent and recent winner of a Gold Award at the Independent Toy Awards, the International Elf Service, has unveiled its seventh edition 2020 collection of personalised Christmas Elf letter bundles. Last week, the firm was awarded the Gold Award in this year’s Toy Shop UK Independent Toy Awards …

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