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Hasbro has partnered with Robosen to launch the world’s most advanced consumer robot under the Transformers franchise

Hasbro has partnered with one of the leading companies in the field of robotics to launch the world’s most advanced and programmable robots to the market through the Transformers franchise. Its partnership with Robosen Robotics has witnessed the creation of Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot – a collector’s …

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Hasbro details its collector and fan-focused event Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest

Hasbro has detailed the spring launch of a new collector-focused event called Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, an all-virtual event that will bring new content and product reveals to the global entertainment company’s community of collectors. The event will be held in lieu of Hasbro’s annual Entertainment Brand Preview Event which …

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Hasbro’s fan and collector-focused platform Hasbro Pulse lands in the UK

Hasbro has strengthened its UK direct to consumer offering with the launch of its online destination for fans and collectors, Hasbro Pulse, here in the UK. The arrival follows its successful initial launch to audiences in the US and Canada. Hasbro Pulse serves as a source for Hasbro products, news, …

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