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H Grossman rebrands as One for Fun

H Grossman Ltd will be going into 2022 with a new name. On Monday 20 December the company will be renamed One For Fun Ltd, a total rebrand that brings all of the company’s well known products under one unifying entity. David Mordecai, CEO of the company, says: “This announcement is …

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H. Grossman lands half a million Pushpoppers as firm eyes “next playground craze”

A shipment of half a million popping pocket money toys are due to land in the UK next week as H. Grossman makes an early play for the next predicted playground craze, Pushpoppers. With a history of setting pocket money trends, H. Grossman has previously brought to market the fidget …

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Office and warehouse move for H Grossman gives Tobar its first northern showroom

H Grossman Ltd has moved to new premises in Cambuslang, Glasgow, in a move that has allowed the firm to consolidate its warehousing with that of its parent company Tobar, and create two new showrooms in Glasgow. Not far from its old warehouse and office facility in Rutherglen, the new …

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