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Brainstorm eyes growth of StikBot spin-off range Klikbot as multi-category range hits the right notes

Brainstorm is putting its Easter eggs in the Klikbot basket, with expectations for the continued growth of the popular StikBot spin-off range thanks to this season’s launch of Klikbot Kreatures and Klikbot Zanimation Studio. The latest extensions to the brand arrive as Brainstorm’s popular StikBot line continues to be a …

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H. Grossman lands half a million Pushpoppers as firm eyes “next playground craze”

A shipment of half a million popping pocket money toys are due to land in the UK next week as H. Grossman makes an early play for the next predicted playground craze, Pushpoppers. With a history of setting pocket money trends, H. Grossman has previously brought to market the fidget …

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