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PMI closes deal with Mejjjet PTY, developers of the Zzzopa Ball

PMI Trading & Enterprise, the leading toy design, manufacturing and distribution company, has signed an agreement with Australian-based Mejjjet PTY for the purchase of the newest spinning sensation, the Zzzopa Fidget Spinner Ball brand. With the signing of the deal, PMI enters the world of fidget toys, taking a new …

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Brainstorm eyes growth of StikBot spin-off range Klikbot as multi-category range hits the right notes

Brainstorm is putting its Easter eggs in the Klikbot basket, with expectations for the continued growth of the popular StikBot spin-off range thanks to this season’s launch of Klikbot Kreatures and Klikbot Zanimation Studio. The latest extensions to the brand arrive as Brainstorm’s popular StikBot line continues to be a …

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H. Grossman lands half a million Pushpoppers as firm eyes “next playground craze”

A shipment of half a million popping pocket money toys are due to land in the UK next week as H. Grossman makes an early play for the next predicted playground craze, Pushpoppers. With a history of setting pocket money trends, H. Grossman has previously brought to market the fidget …

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