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Doll play promotes empathy in children, study shows

Barbie and a team of neuroscientists at Cardiff University have released the latest findings from a multi-year study exploring the short- and long-term developmental impacts of doll play. In the study’s second year, researchers investigated the importance of what kids say while they play and found children use increased language …

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Baby Born Surprise launches next collectables phase with Mini Babies line-up

BABY Born Surprise is entering a new phase of its journey in the collectables space with the introduction of the 6cm Mini Babies collection, featuring an all new ‘multiple character surprise reveal’ for fans. An evolution of the successful BABY Born Surprise 11cm doll collection, the new Mini Babies range …

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Cardiff University scientists team with Barbie to prove the developmental benefits of doll play

The Barbie brand has collaborated with neuroscientists as Cardiff University to bring to light new evidence to suggest that playing with dolls activates regions in children’s brains that develops empathy and social information processing skills, even when playing with dolls by themselves. The 18 month study has been conducted by …

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