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Iron Maiden and Motorhead launch official puzzle ranges

Jigsaw puzzling has gone rock n roll… Well, heavy metal to be precise. And it’s all thanks to the efforts of the UK firm Zee Productions and its range of Iron Maiden, Priest, Motorhead and Slayer themed puzzles. The fledgling toy firm has paid tribute to some of the gnarliest …

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Gale Force Nine Games is re-releasing the Dune board game, 30 years after its original launch

Board game developer, Gale Force Nine Games is tapping into the retro revival with the re-release of the sci-fi board game Dune, 35 years after its original launch. It was revealed last year that Gale Force Nine had secured the rights to the retro game based on Frank Herbert’s iconic …

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In for the chits and giggles: Tackling the modern board gaming market

Yes, that headline is a hugely geeky board gaming reference. If you got it, you're already well-established. If not, maybe it's time to dive deeper into the world of tabletop gaming? Either way, Robert Hutchins is making a return visit to the sector

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