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Big Potato continues sustainability drive with playing cards made from ocean plastic

Under the new label MOOP, which stands for Made of Ocean Plastic, Big Potato has created a new brand to champion the use of recycled ocean plastic across the toy and games industry. In collaboration with Waste2Wear, it took the East-London-based game publisher over 16 months of R&D to get …

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Big Potato Games partners with Vocala to bring its board game titles to Alexa

The independent board games company, Big Potato Games, has partnered with the voice design studio, Vocala, to bring a selection of its popular games out of the box and into the world of voice. Under the new partnership, best-sellers like Obama Llama and Linkee have been developed as voice activated …

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Big Potato Games launches its latest easy play party game Herd Mentality

The Shoreditch-based tabletop and party games publishing company, Big Potato Games, has launched its latest, easy-play party game, called Herd Mentality – a game in which all you have to do is write down the exact same answers as the other players. Herd Mentality is all about being a part …

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