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Big Potato Games partners with Vocala to bring its board game titles to Alexa

The independent board games company, Big Potato Games, has partnered with the voice design studio, Vocala, to bring a selection of its popular games out of the box and into the world of voice. Under the new partnership, best-sellers like Obama Llama and Linkee have been developed as voice activated …

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Jazwares pioneers Alexa compatible plush range called Fuzzible Friends

Jazwares is pioneering a new kind of plush pet that comes compatible with Alexa Gadgets Technology to bring a new level of interactive play to children. Called Fuzzible Friends, the range uses a Fuzzible Skill for Alexa through which it speaks its own language for the Amazon Echo device to …

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Amazon and Days of Wonder launch first Alexa skills for Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe

Amazon and Days of Wonder are changing how players experience board games by introducing the first official Alexa skills for Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe for free. The move hopes to welcome new players aboard the award-winning games by Alan R. Moon and act as conductors for …

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