Wow Stuff teams up with Argos

Firm introduces TXT4VID, a new mobile phone video service for Argos customers.
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The new service allows consumers to quickly and visually understand a product’s features and benefits.

TXT4VID will first appear in the Argos Christmas Gift Guide on Wow Stuff's Science Museum branded range. Shoppers simply text keywords to 60300 and a link to the video will appear on the customers’ mobile phone in about ten seconds.

Richard North founder of TXT4VID ( and managing director of Wow Stuff said: “We have been producing in-store videos to support our branded toys and gifts in retail stores and online for nearly three years now.

"Our stats consistently show an increase of 300-400% in sales per sq foot of retail space when we deploy these. When we moved to internet enabled touch-screen’s the customer interaction proved a great success. Our resulting sales increased to a staggering 500 per cent."

TXT4VID targets both retail shoppers in a rush and catalogue shoppers who cannot understand a product’s features from the traditional listing.

Christopher Hood, head of retail technology at TXT4VID added: “According to Deloitte, mobile phone penetration is 84 per cent and penetration density is increasing. Further, implied penetration is now approaching 125 per cent, meaning that up to 40 per cent of mobile phone users have multiple SIMs and devices.

"The UK’s mass acceptance and use of texting makes TXT4VID a natural extension to bring our branded products to life on a handset, wherever the consumer may be. Imagine handing a phone video of a product to your child and asking them if this is what they would like? This might sound a very strong statement but we do believe this will revolutionise retail."

The firm will also soon add TEXT2BUY, which will complete the circle from video view to product purchase and allow the consumer to buy via their mobile phone.

North concluded: "TXT4VID will revolutionise retail sales. The response we have had has been quite phenomenal. TXT4VID is set to roil out to various other none competing suppliers and across a broad portfolio of retailers. Each of them unique in their chosen categories".


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