Toys R Us points out top trends

Firm?s research indicates five key influences on kids in the lead up to Christmas
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This year’s hottest trends include rock star influences, pink items and toys that connect to the internet, according to research conducted by Toys R Us.

The 12-month review of new toys and themes has also found transforming and robotic toys and items, which encourage physical activity to be popular among kids.

The firm releases a list of the season’s top trends to help people understand the types of toys children may want.

Bob Giampietro, senior vice president of Trend and Innovation, Toys R Us in the US said: "As a global toy retailer, we have unique insights into the play preferences of millions of our guests. By regularly tracking and studying behaviours and data, we have identified the qualities and factors that captivate keen minds and affect behaviour".

"Many of this year's toy trends emerge from music, film and television, as well as cultural, and peer group influences. From a toy industry perspective, we examine how these influences translate to the playthings that allow kids of all ages to role- play, imagine, or even relive experiences that have captured their minds and hearts," Giampietro said.

Examples of products listed by the firm include: The Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage from Fisher-Price, The Power Tour Electric Guitar from Tiger Electronics, the Think Pink Collection of board games, Fisher-Price’s Smart Cycle, Bandai’s Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Mega Mission Helmet, Barbie Girls device from Mattel and Hasbro’s Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee.


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