Toymaster: "There's still growth in High Street retail..."

The buying group has identified toy opportunities in towns throughout the UK.
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There is room for more toy shops on the UK High Street – that’s according to Toymaster’s marketing and operations director Ian Edmunds.

Speaking to ToyNews ahead of the Toymaster May show in Harrogate, Edmunds said: “Rents have fallen and in a lot of towns there are gaps. So there are opportunities out there, as long as it’s well thought out.

“It’s all about costs, there has to be a re-alignment of what it costs to trade on the High Street. Your biggest bill after your staff is always going to be your rent – councils aren’t going to move on rates so it’s got to be rents.”

Toymaster can help members make sure they aren’t paying over the odds on leases, using its network to calculate the appropriate rents to pay in different UK towns.

“If they want to use us as an information point to see what other members are paying, where we’ve got that information, we will provide it,” said Edmunds.

He added: “What we’ve also got is a lot of information historically on what turnover has come from those towns, so we can point people in the right direction.”

Toymaster now has 180 members and 300 stores in the UK and Ireland and Edmunds sees room for expansion, if toy shop owners can be shrewd with the figures.


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