Toy industry sounds-off on retail exclusives

Independent retailers, The Entertainer, Argos, Vivid and more discuss this thorny issue.
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So a particular toy is being sold in a particular retailer exclusively for a limited period.

There’s nothing wrong with a little exclusivity between friends, right?

Why shouldn’t a company and a retailer be able to organise an early toy launch? This has been happening since forever. Not a big deal… right?

Well actually it is – at the moment. Discussions about such deals on social media channels like Twitter, together with coverage of them in the toy press, has provoked a fresh debate. So, what’s the industry consensus?

Do exclusives put other retailers at a disadvantage? Do they present consumers with a lack of choice? Or are they a way to boost business? We put these questions to toy The Entertainer, Toymaster, The Hub Direct, Flair, Vivid, Argos, and Turner in this month’s news analysis…



Exclusively yours?

The increasing practice of toys launching initially at just one retailer is causing a bit of a stir in the industry. We ask a host of trade figures what they think of retail exclusives.

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Toymaster retail roundtable

Dominic Sacco catches up with Toymaster and three independent toy retailers to discuss how they’re competing with nationals, spotting the next big thing and what the future holds for the local toy shop

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