"This is not right", MGA's Isaac Larian on war path for 'scalping' toy traders

The MGA boss has declared his company will increase production and shipping on sought after items, the kind found to be selling on eBay for way over the RRP.
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MGA Entertainment boss, Isaac Larian has stepped up efforts in his latest battle, this time against ‘scalpers’ - online traders selling items at way over the RRP via the eBay platform.

Larian has pledged to increase production and shipping on some of his company’s most popular selling items this Christmas shopping season.

The latest pledge arrives after the discovery that one of MGA’s LOL Surprise Dolls - an item priced at $16 in retailers - has been listed by one seller at $96.99. In his pledge, Larian stated: “Please do not pay more than $16 for this toy.

“We are shipping more goods to Walmart, Walmart eCommerce, Amazon and Target now. Should be there next week.”

The boss of the US toymaker and name made popular not only by MGA’s soaring success in the top selling toy listing this year so far, but also his relentless rallying during the Toys R Us fiasco, Larian is often vocal on social media around industry matters.

The case of ‘scalping’ is no new phenomenon, and over the years there have been numerous reports of highly sought after toys fetching thousands on trading sites like eBay. Last year, the media reported on sales of items like Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot plush at upwards of £1,000.

In a bid to counter the rise in this process dubbed by many as ‘scalping’, Larian has stated his company will ‘increase production’ on those listed items manufactured by MGA Entertainment.

$930 for a $299 item?” he posted on LinkedIn this weekend in reference to a Transforming 2-in1 Electric Scooter Mini Bike listed on eBay. “We will increase production fast. This is not right.”


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