The Entertainer: Attacknids is "top boys toy of the year"

Buying Director Stuart Grant also says the R/C battle bot could be another Robosapien.
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The Entertainer has named Attacknids as its top boys toy of the year and has said the Wow Stuff product could repeat the success of Robosapien.

The retailer arrived at the conclusion after testing the toy out with kids.

"The Entertainer takes a very hands on approach when it comes to evaluating new releases and we are confident that Attacknids will be the boys toy this Christmas," said Stuart Grant, buying director.

"There are so many exciting items from many toy companies all vying to be top of children's Christmas wish lists each year. We find that the only way of gaining any certainty as to what will be the hit is to see kids trialling them and trying them out for ourselves. We intend to have the live Battle Arena featuring at key stores in the run up to Christmas."

Humanoid robot Robosapien sold 1.5 million units on launch in 2004, and went on to sell six million in total...

The Entertainer will be one of four top toy retailers to host the Attacknids road show next month.

"The creators at Wow Stuff have done a really clever thing here by capturing a core children's gameplay of battling and combining it with one of the most advanced, controllable and exciting robots we have ever seen," added Grant. "It just blew us away. It has all the makings of another Robosapien."


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