TALKING SHOP: Gary Grant's view

TRA chairman Gary Grant offers his view on how suppliers and retailers can share stock risk.
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I’d like to talk about shared risk this month. Retail margins are both low and being squeezed and I think this is a very important issue. When a supplier sells a retailer an item and that item fails to meet sales expectations the retailer is left with stock glued to the shelf. More and more we see that some suppliers are not as helpful as they should be in helping retailers sell through this slow moving stock.

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Talking shop: Slow moving stock

This month, we talked to retailers about shared risk and the support they get from suppliers with slow-moving products and whether they get enough support to help move stock through and enable them to be confident to take a risk on new concepts?


Talking shop: Which side are you on?

Suppliers selling directly to consumers via their own websites was the issue on retailer's lips this month. We found out what effect this has on business, prices, margins, stock availability and more...

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