Rubik's celebrates 30th anniversary

Hamleys' London store was host to the first of many events to be staged throughout the world.
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Stars of the show included many of the UK’s top Speedcubers, including Dan Harris, twice UK champion; Charlotte Cooper, the fastest female cuber in Europe; Jay Terrafranca, the UK’s fastest under 16 and the two fastest boys from Challoner’s School at Amersham, which recently broke the Guinness World Record for the number of people solving a Rubik’s Cube at one time.

A birthday cake, decorated to replicate a ‘scrambled’ Rubik’s Cube (pictured), was the centrepiece of the gathering.

Drumond Park marketing director Claire McCool, commented: “As is often the case over our long-standing relationship with Rubik’s, we were first off the mark with our anniversary celebration, which means that the press, TV, radio and online coverage we achieved has been circulated throughout the world over the past couple of days.

"We are grateful to Hamleys for providing such a great venue. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, including many of their customers who were passing through while the event was taking place."


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