Makie dolls hit Hamleys

The 3D printed customisable dolls can now be created via the Makie FabLab app and delivered to you door.
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A collection of 3D printed dolls has landed on the shelves of Hamleys in the run up to the Christmas countdown.

Makies – from the British company MakieLab – is a line of customisable dolls, 3D printed on-demand for each customer.

The collection featured alongside a host of toys projected by the London toy retailer to be on everyone’s wish list this season, at its annual Christmas in July event.

Launched in 2012, the dolls can be customised by skin tone, hair-style and eye colour, while features such as the nose, eyes, cheeks, mouth and jaw can all be individually shaped.

And now, thanks to a new app called MakieFabLab, this can all be done from the comfort of your home.

The FabLab allows players to create individual fashion avatars with unique clothing and accessories. It also allows players to make a variety of different clothes and accessories using plants, pets and machines.

Once an avatar is designed, children then have the option of ordering an exact copy, which the firm will then ship within two weeks of ordering.

The company is now developing the Makies universe to incorporate a range of customisable accessories and furniture.

Makies FabLab replaces last year’s Makies Doll Factory, a simpler doll-builder app.


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