John Lewis donates hedgehog toy sales to the RSPCA

25 per cent of Hugo the Hedgehog plush sales will go the charity's wildlife rescue fund.
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For every plush Hugo the Hedgehog sold John Lewis will donate £2.50 of the £10 fee to the RSPCA's wildlife rescue work, which includes help for baby hedgehogs.

Although most female hedgehogs give birth once a year, some have a second litter of hoglets around October - these hoglets have a much lower chance of surviving the winter and that's where the RSPCA comes in.

RSPCA trading manager Cathy Snow, said: "Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is a very important part of our work - and hedgehogs are among the animals that benefit most, especially at this time of year.

"Raising awareness of wildlife needs with this delightful John Lewis plush will be of enormous benefit to our work - and sales of Hugo will boost funds that allow us to continue helping animals in England and Wales."

The charity helps over 2,000 orphaned or injured hedgehogs each year.

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