Half of parents break bank for top toys

But over half say their budget for Christmas toys has dropped year-on-year; average spend almost £150.
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A massive 54 per cent of mums and dads would push their budget to purchase a must-have Christmas toy.

However, findings from a survey conducted by ToyNews also revealed that 51 per cent of parents said they’re spending less on their kids this festive season compared to 2011, while 15 per cent will fork out more and one third said they will spend the same as last year.

16 per cent said they’d think about raising their overall spend, while 30 per cent wouldn’t.

A parent’s average Christmas toy budget stands at £148.63 for their children this year. Mums and dads would also be willing to spend an average £13.62 on close friends’ and family member’s kids.

Parents may have less money this year but they still want to buy the ‘must have’ for their kids – a dilemma similar to that faced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way (pictured).

“He is my only child, so if it means spending more money to get him what he really wants this Christmas, it isn’t really a decision-making choice, it’s something that has to be done,” said Jade Lewendon from uniqueyoungmum.com.

Facebook user and mum Kelly King added: “Our budget for toys is less than previous years. The cost of living and being a homeowner has left us with very little choice.

“But if my girls were to ask for something in particular, I would try my best to get it for them, even if it meant spending more.”

With premium toys like Furby (£59.99) and Lego Friends: Olivia’s House (£69.99) in hot demand this Christmas, as well as kids’ tablets like LeapPad 2 (£89.99), not to mention a host of gadgets and games consoles out, it’s not an easy time for all parents.

“If we can’t afford it, the kids don’t get it,” Dadsnet member Joff told ToyNews. “We buy what we can afford and what will benefit our kids.”

Almost a third of parents (28.5 per cent) said they will only shop online for Christmas toys, while the minority (8.5 per cent) will opt for the High Street over websites. Most opt for a mix of both (63 per cent).

ToyNews spoke to more than 40 parents from Mumsnet, Dadsnet, Facebook and other sites.

Christmas spending stats

  • 54 per cent would push budget for top toy
  • 51 per cent are spending less this year
  • 28.5 per cent will only shop online
  • 15 per cent will spend more on toys this year

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