Firebox tips Maps toys in Christmas hotlist predicts its top gifts for a range of ages this Christmas.
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The online retailer has named Maps Toys’ edible modelling clay, Yummy Dough as its best gift for kids this Christmas.

Also making the short list was the Star Wars Force Trainer from Brainstorm’s new Star Wars toy line, which won the Best in Show accolade.

The full Christmas hotlist is as follows:
Best gift for Kids

Yummy Dough 

Best gift for Mum

COOL-ER eBook Reader

Best gift for Dads

ECCO GPS Keychain 

Best gift for girls

Lucky Voice

Best gift for boys

The Wand 

Best gift for Grandparents


Best gift for Cooks

Cupcake Kit 

Best gift for Techies
Polaroid Two Instant Digital Camera

Best Stocking Filler

Le Whif 

Best in Show

Star Wars Force Trainer


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