Entertainer hails Nintendo success

Console trial yields results and Nintendo backs roll-out to remaining stores.
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Having completed a successful trial in six stores, The Entertainer has decided to roll-out the Nintendo range across the whole chain of 47 stores.

The firm dipped into the console market in August, trialling both DS and Wii hardware plus Nintendo and third-party software titles in its Birmingham, Basingstoke, Kingston, Amersham, Wimbledon and Cardiff stores.

Such has been the success of the trial, that Nintendo is investing a six-figure sum in refitting all the stores with in-store displays including plasma screens. Smaller stores will have one single wall bays, while the bigger stores will have double wall bays with two screens.

The Entertainer’s buying director Stuart Grant told ToyNews: “It has just been unbelievable. Every single piece that ships, sells. It’s like popping peas, it really is. It has definitely been worth our while.”

Grant says the firm is already looking extend its offering to include accessories, but is taking a measured approach and wants to maintain it as incremental rather than core business.

Asked whether the firm is looking at other consoles, Grant believes that the older appeal of Xbox and PS may not fit with the store’s family-oriented target market.

“The appeal of those consoles is a lot more hardcore gamer. It’s just not our market and it’s probably just a step too far for the time being.”


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