Debenhams to drop 'boys' and 'girls' signage

Move comes after a sustained campaign against the retailer from Let Toys Be Toys
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The Let Toys Be Toys campaign has enjoyed another victory with Debenhams becoming the latest retailer to remove all ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs from its toy sections.

The move comes after a sustained campaign against the retailer from Let Toys Be Toys and its supporters, carried out 'in writing, on social media and in person'.

Debenhams told Let Toys Be Toys, “We would like to assure you that changes have been made to the way we categorise toys in our stores. These changes will take place across all stores in the next few weeks.”

A statement from Let Toys Be Toys read: "It’s a particularly poignant victory for us as one of our founders has a personal ambition for the gendered signs to be gone from her local Debenhams before her daughter learns to read, and finds out that her beloved space toys and fire trucks are 'for boys'. 

"We’re delighted that Debenhams have decided to get with the times and move away from the outdated gender-stereotyping of toys.

"A big well done all to our supporters, and to Debenhams too."

The move follows similar action taken by Toys R Us back in September which helped give Let Toys Be Toys mainstream coverage.


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