Cuckoo Ltd closes its doors

Tony Eves has made a statement regarding the closure of the supplier.
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Independent UK toy supplier Cuckoo Ltd is to close its doors on 31st March 2018, MD Tony Eves has announced in a statement.

The firm traded for over 25 years, with a focus on products with lasting play value and educational benefit, as well as toys suitable for those with special needs.

"We are simply closing down through our own choice, not for any other reason," reads Eves' statement.

"As there is no one in my immediate family who would like to continue to take the business forward and with the lease on my warehouse coming to an end, not to mention a quote from one of the Cuckoo guys fifteen years ago (we’re not getting any younger you know) it seems like a logical time to call it a day and chill."

"Gone are the halcyon days of walking into the buying office of a department store group to see the buyer unannounced, of making appointments via Telex (pre-mobile phone), Fax and even email. Now you need to be genned up on Twitter, Facebook and a myriad of other social media platforms," continues Eves.

"The market has shifted so far that I am happy I’m not starting out in business now. I’m definitely not saying the grass was greener when I started, just that the challenges are very different now and need a fresh (and probably younger) approach.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some really fantastic people, from our suppliers round the world and in the UK, our people at Cuckoo and of course the people who made it possible, the customers, all of whom I thank."

Eves will be at Spring Fair on Monday February 5th for thankyous and farewells to Cuckoo customers of the last 30 years. The firm will also hold a closing down sale, offering goods at one off prices.

Those interested can contact, or tel 01937 848460 fax 01937 841365.


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