Terminator Official Board Game gearing up for Kickstarter launch

Project will hit crowdfunding platform on February 15th
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The Kickstarter campaign for The Terminator: The Official Board Game will go live on February 15th, it has been announced by Space Goat Productions. They have partnered with Lynnvander Studios for games design.

"Terminator isn't just pop culture; it's culture," explained Publisher Shon Bury.

"It's immense," he continued. "To do a property of this magnitude, so hot on the heels of our Evil Dead 2 board game Kickstarter, we had to bring in the best help we could find. There is no better help than the guys who made the Buffy game, Lynnvander."

Expanding into board game design from production in the film industry, Lynnvander enters 2017 with a number of high-profile licenses under its belt including The Terminator, Galaxy Quest, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop.

"We're especially excited for Terminator because of the fan base and the unique game we've designed with Space Goat," commented designer Thomas Gofton.

"They're a creative and experience-driven, good-hearted company. That fits Lynnvander's Canadian motto."

The Terminator: The Official Board Game is an asymmetrical strategy game played across two boards, one in 1984 and one in 2029. One player takes control of all the forces of the Skynet machines: Hunter Killer flying machines, Terminator Endoskeletons, and new robots based on the classic 80's aesthetic. The rest of the players take the role of the human resistance, struggling against the impossible odds of the machine uprising.

The Kickstarter campaign will feature The Termination Box, a box of accessories and miniatures for the game that will be available for a discount only during the Kickstarter campaign. For more information on the Kickstarter and to sign up for email updates, you can visit www.terminatorboardgame.com.


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