Talk about mental health issues with children with this new card game

Book of Beasties is now on Kickstarter with the mission of sparking conversation around mental health issues among children.
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A new tabletop card game with the aim of reversing some of the recent shock statistics regarding mental health and wellness among children has launched to the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

Called Book of Beasties, the card game looks to inspire conversation about mental wellness while offering exercises to help cope with symptoms for anxiety and depression among children, players or friends or relatives.

Having been successfully trialled in schools across the UK and endorsed by numerous and leading psychologists, the ambition of the game and the team behind it is t spark conversation about mental health in a ‘comfortable and fun environment.’

It also wants to address recently revealed statistics that ten per cent of the world population of children suffer from a diagnosable mental health issue. Currently, 75 per cent of those children go undiagnosed.

Book of Beasties is being launched at Tabletop Gaming Live at the end of the month, where the game’s co-creator, Phil Tottman will be holding a talk on the importance of using gaming as a platform to broach serious subjects such as mental health.

He will be joined by mental health advocate and ITV presenter, Anna Williamson, an ambassador for Mind, Childline and The Prince’s Trust.

Tottman told ToyNews: “From when we were at school age there appeared to be a significant lack of support systems in place for those who were struggling with their emotions and had signs of possible mental health issues.

“Even now, what with the increased pressure on young people to get good grades and be exceptional in school, which in-turn puts more weight on their shoulders and increases their risk of experiencing something like anxiety.

“From our research we found that there is still no solid help structure for children who are struggling, or much for the teachers and SENCOs (special education needs coordinators) that makes delivering the message about mental health simple and engaging.”

While it aims to open up conversation around the topic, Book of Beasties does not claim to be a diagnostic tool.

“The team behind Book of Beasties just wants to normalise the subject of mental health across the board, delivering it through a memorable and enjoyable, yet in depth platform such as a card game.”

Book of Beasties is looking to raise £3,000 in funds via Kickstarter to take it to the next level of R&D and production. At almost £1,000 so far, the game has 54 days of campaigning remaining. 



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