Storytelling plush robots take to Kickstarter to help teach kids about science

Trobo is an interactive and huggable robot that reads stories to kids and teaches them about the world around them.
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A storytelling robot designed to teach kids about science and the world around them has taken to Kickstarter.

Trobo the talking robot is an interactive plush toy that can read stories to kids when used with its collection of interactive digital storybooks.

Created by an engineering duo called Team Trobo, the huggable robot has embarked on a crowdfunding project in a bid to raise $60,000.

Accompanied by a storybook app, Trobo has an avatar builder, allowing parents to design an avatar oftheir child and put them in to the stories, making the child the star of the story.

“We create an emotional bond between the child, the story and the Trobo characters, which encourages further learning,” said Team Trobo.

“The coolest part of Trobo is that the plush toy talks. Trobo can read the stories to the child before the child can read on their own. It opens up science and engineering from an earlier age, so they can be amazed at all of the incredible things happening around them and fall in love with learning.”

Team Trobo has already secured over one third of its Kickstarter goal, racking up $21,000 in funding with over a month left on the site.

Check out the Trobo Kickstarter page here.


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