Rubber Band Machine Gun surpasses Kickstarter target

Has made $80,000 of $5,000 goal with a week still to go
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A Rubber Band Machine Gun has well surpassed its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

The toy, created by Alex Shpetniy, needed to raise $5,000, but has managed $80,259 with nine days still left to go on the campaign.

"Boys, girls, and even their parents - every ages will enjoy their shooting skills with a Rubber Band Machine Gun," reads a statement from Shpetniy on the Kickstarter site.

"This is a fully automatic machine gun, constructed accordingly to the Gatling machine gun principle. The body is made from the birch plywood and cut out on the CNC machine. Its ammo consists of 672 shots of rubber bands.

"With my Rubber Band Gun Machine (or RBGM) everyone can feel like Rambo, launching a rubber storm, and throwing over a pound of rubber bands into the opponent."

As well as the standard version, there are models in Burnt Wood, Black and Camouflage and fans can now order the Early Bird Standard Version for $85.

Take a look at Kickstarter campaign here, and check out the Rubber Band Machine Gun in action below:

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