Ravensburger to diversify further from puzzles and games in coming years as GraviTrax is billed a Christmas top-seller

GraviTrax is to be the first of many new toys Ravensburger plans to launch to market over the next few years, each utilising the STEM concept to target new audiences.
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Ravensburger has detailed its plans to diversify outside of jigsaws and games over the coming years, kicking off the move with the launch of GraviTrax.

The company has taken steps to move towards the STEM category with the new launch, tapping into “something the toy industry has been crying out for,” by using the pillars of STEM learning to create ‘an innovative new play environment.’

GraviTrax is to be the first of many new toys Ravensburger plans to launch to market over the next few years, each utilizing the STEM concept to target new audiences.

“GraviTrax is a new and innovative concept from Ravensburger and is unlike anything else we have done before,” Cornee Marlow, marketing coordinator at Ravensburger told ToyNews.

“It is fresh, exciting and is tapping into what the toy market is crying out for at the moment. Building the track is not only creative and interesting, it uses key STEM educational pillars to provide an inventive and imaginative play environment.”

GraviTrax uses the forces of nature to propel its ‘gravity spheres’ (metal balls) down user-crafted track combinations, while the Building and Trax Expansion Packs allow kids aged eight and upwards to build on the product’s Starter Set. They can be added to the Add-on Sets launching over this year.

Additional add-on sets and expansion packs have already been developed and will bring further building opportunities to GraviTrax in 2019.

The set also launches will with a companion GraviTrax app that allows fans to digitally build their tracks and test them out before building it in real life. The app features track inspirations and step-by-step instructions on how to construct them.

Ravensburger has launched the new GraviTrax line in the same week that retailer Argos has revealed its top toys for Christmas 2018 list, and while the product didn’t feature, Marlow is certain the launch will have consumers thinking twice about the list.

“GraviTrax is an absolute must-have for Christmas 2018,” she said. “Children, parents, grandparents and friends can all join in the fun of creating a GraviTrax. With over 100 components to get you going, the Starter Set is the ideal place to start exploring the world of GraviTrax.”


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