Official Bruce Lee board game hits Kickstarter

Called Dragon Tides, the officially licensed game has been billed by its creator as a ‘martial arts movie come to life.’
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Ancient worlds have collided as a new martial arts themed board game, featuring father and son fighting duo Bruce and Brandon Lee, takes to Kickstarter.

Called Dragon Tides, the officially licensed game has been billed by its creator Alexander Lim and Artistic Justice Games as a ‘martial arts movie come to life.’

With a target of $40,000, the board game sees Brandon Lee star as an aspiring detective who uncovers information leading to the tail of the Tiger Organisation, a group hell bent on political and financial power.

With the help of his father Bruce, the pair must bring down the organisation.

“Best of all, this is the first tabletop game to star Bruce and Brandon Lee,” said Lim via the project’s Kickstarter page. “And we want you to be part of this milestone.”

With 29 days remaining on the crowd-funding site, Dragon Tides has already secured itself over $30,000.

With a non-linear story line, the game boasts the ability to play out differently each time, with a collection of minifigures posing in signature moves and interactive environments in tribute to the side-scrolling beat-em-ups and kung fu movies of yesterday.

Take a look at the Dragon tides tabletop game here.

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