New 'bio-sensing' card game uses emotions to power gameplay

Called Champions of Shengha, the game uses wearable sensors to interpret biofeedback in order to power and dictate the collectable card gameplay.
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A collectable card game that uses a player's own emotions to dictate game play is looking for funding via the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.

Called Champions of the Shengha, the game is a bio-sensing card battle that brings each players into the equation through a wearable sensor.

Through the game, players enter battle with one another by being challenged to gather their in game power through their real life control of stress.

With the help of a heart rate monitor and in build data interpreter, the game uses biofeedback to manipulate the game.

According to the game’s co-creator, Simon Fox of BfB Labs: “The better a player can focus their mind and body, the more power they have to defeat their opponent.”

Aimed at players aged ten to 14 years old and seen as the next step towards ‘a fully fleshed out toys to life proposition, the project is looking to secure $75,000 in funding through its Indiegogo campaign.

Based in both the UK an the US, BfB Labs has confirmed that the game will be available to UK backers with the first swathe set to be delivered in December ahead of a full launch in March next year.

“We are research and biology geeks as well as gamers,” continued Fox. “”The game is powered by a heart rate monitor and our algorithm which interprets your heart rate data.

“This biofeedback can in fact be used to train players to become more emotionally resilient and manage physical and mental stress better. We’re proud to be making something designed to be an awesome game but also to genuinely help the people playing it.”

Champions of the Shengha has secured over $16,000 of its $75,000 target with one month remaining on the crowdfunding site.

Check out the project here or watch the video below:


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