Moorebot, the robotic entertainer, smashes Indiegogo goal

The personal assisstant robot is being pitched to parents as a source of entertainment for kids.
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Moorebot, a robotic personal assistant, has smashed its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

The campaign aimed to raise $30,000 by mid-September, but has already raised $38,000.

The robot can be used at work as an assistant serve or by shops to serve as a customer service agent, but Moorebot is also being pitched to parents as a source of entertainment for kids.

Users can tell their own jokes or speak through its funny voice and expression. Moorebot's eye is wide open when the Moorebot is excited, closed if it feels bored, and blinking when things not sure.

It boasts a state-of-art voice recognition engine, voice games and storytelling and music playing features.

Moorebot is available to Indiegogo backers for $179, 28 per cent off what will be the RRP.

Check out Moorebot in action below:


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