Hasbro to help pay for Operation inventor's operation

Crowdfunding campaign to aid John Spinello has passed its $25,000 goal.
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Hasbro has made a move to help pay for Operation inventor Jon Spinello's oral surgery.

Spinello needed $25,000 for oral surgery and a Crowdrise campaign, set up by fellow game inventors Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, called on 'anyone who has ever played and loved Operation' to help fund the operation.

Hasbro will buy the original Operation game prototype that Spinello had planned to auction to help raise funds.

“Today we informed Mr. Spinello that Hasbro plans to purchase the prototype with the hope that the funds will help to defray his medical costs,” read a statement from Hasbro to ABC News.

"We plan to proudly display it at Hasbro’s global headquarters in Pawtucket, RI to honour his contribution to Hasbro’s gaming history.”

Spinello and his wife, Madeline, replied in a statement: “It will have a happy home in their museum. That’s where it belongs.

“As for medical costs – everything that is contributing to the success of the campaign is going to make life easier for John and what he needs medically. We feel positive about Hasbro purchasing the prototype – we’re very happy about it.”

The CrowdRise page has now received over $29,000 in donations, passing its $25,000 goal.



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