Good Toy Guide starts its search

The new-look guide will accept applications from June and will also seek out worthy toys.
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The re-launched Good Toy Guide will begin accepting product submissions from June 1st while also independently finding toys it believes are worthy of recognition.

The guide itself will be revealed at a special showcase event during the next London Toy Fair. 

Amanda Gummer, director, said: “To maintain the integrity of the guide, we will actively seek out toys that warrant evaluation and will include them in the guide as appropriate.” 

To find the Good Toys, a team of mystery shoppers will be deployed to shops around the UK, indentifying quality toys to be tested and evaluated in play clubs in June.

Gummer announced the relaunch of the Good Toy Guide as an online only publication in January.

For more information about the guide or how to submit toys for evaluation, please email or call 01438 831204.


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