Animoodles clears Kickstarter goal in 11 hours

The toys, designed by Silicon Valley creators feature interchangeable heads.
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A new soft toy line entitled Animoodles has sailed past its Kickstarter goal of $25,000 in less than 11 hours and now sits at over $75,000 following a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

The toy line features cute animal characters with interchangeable body parts, which can be swapped and connected using the magnets within them.

The toys were designed by a team of animators and designers from Silicon Valley with backgrounds including the likes of Apple, Disney and Pixar. 

Marissa Louie, CEO & chief designer, has been a stuffed animal lover all her life and now brings her vision to a new generation. Dan Holland, lead character artist, who has worked on some of the biggest animation films is excited to see his drawings come to cuddly life in the arms of a child. Dedicated to being kid-driven, they’ve tested Animoodles with kids and their parents across the country to perfect their designs.

“Stuffed animals have always played an important role in developing emotional and relational skills,” says Marissa Louie. “But, building sets have traditionally been better at developing spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. Because all these skills are important, we’re combining the best of both worlds. We hope to enable kids to see themselves as little makers, and to understand the value of our differences–how unique parts can come together to build something amazing.”


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