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Adults are not the only ones who suffer from anxiety and it is a clear problem many children suffer with today. Company director, Niamh Sherwin Barry, highlights how The Irish Fairy Door Company can help combat this with some new, creative ideas.
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Generally we associate worries with being an adult, but of course children have worries too. Although they may not be life- changing issues, within their little world they are very relevant and can sometimes stop them from doing the things they like to do.

Maybe it’s afraid of letting go of the side of the swimming pool while they are in lessons or maybe they are worried about getting their maths homework wrong. Whatever their worry is, to them it is huge.

As parents, we want them to stop worrying and quite often would recommend that they don’t worry, which, although makes perfect sense to us, it rarely helps the child. Telling them that you hear what they are saying and understand why they are worried is a more effective way of helping.

Encouraging the child to give their worries away to fairies is a great way of letting them know that you acknowledge that their worry is real and that you don’t want to just dismiss it. It also offers the opportunity to talk to your child about what is worrying them therefore opening up a very meaningful conversation.

When we came up with the idea of the Worry Plaque and did a little research on the topic, the feedback was unanimous – anxiety happens within childhood all the time and parents were actively on the lookout for something to help. Allowing children to give their worries away is an effective way of off-loading what is on their mind.

The idea is that when kids place their hand on the plaque it glows red, signifying that the fairies have heard their worry. Five seconds later, the plaque glows green, showing that the fairies have taken kids’ worries for good. There is a lot of power in seeing the light go from red to green. It really does give the child a sense of completion, that maybe they would not get using another method.

The fairies then take the energy that is used in the worry they have taken away and grind it down into a very fine wish-granting dust, which they use to help grant wishes to other children around the world, again showing the child that something negative such as a worry can be changed into something positive.


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