Wow Stuff plans international expansion

Firm hopes to reach $250m in US sales in three years. New brand roll-out to spearhead European launch.
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Wow Stuff is launching its products into international markets, beginning with the US. Air Swimmers and My Keepon will be available exclusively at Toys R Us for the launch period and all stock has already sold out.

The company has ambitious plans for growth in the US. Managing director, Richard North (pictured), told ToyNews: “In less than three years, we’d like to be at a quarter of a billion dollars in sales.

“At retail, that would be $400 million. We’re fast approaching the $100 million threshold now and eventually maybe $500 million.”

The product promotion will take on a similar format to that in the UK, with in-store demonstrators, touch screen videos and web-cams to monitor the consumer reaction to the products.

Currently, the UK team is orchestrating the US launch, and Wow Stuff plans to maintain this control of the business.

North explained: “I think ultimately we will have our own offices. Or if we are part of a larger organisation in a few years’ time, then we can work within their offices to get things into the marketplace.” Next, Wow Stuff plans to unveil a new brand, which will spearhead the move into European territories.

North revealed: “We are launching a Wow Stuff brand next year and that’s when we will hopefully end up with the ‘wow’ reaction and we can say ‘yep, that’s right, that’s Wow Stuff.’

“Whereas at the moment, they’ll see a product and a brand, they’ll say ‘wow’, but they don’t necessarily know it’s from us. Now it will be synonymous.”

The new brand will also allow the company to extend current ‘blockbuster’ products, such as Dave the Monkey, into bigger ranges, which will begin to roll-out in around a year’s time.


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