Wow Stuff granted patent for Air Swimmers

UK patent has now been officially granted for the product range.
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The patent is additional to the existing Intellectual Property Rights that Wow Stuff holds for Air Swimmers in the UK and across the European Union including copyright, registered community designs and registered and unregistered trade marks.

Ewan Gibb, legal counsel, Wow Stuff, commented: "The patent application in the UK was originally published quite some time ago and consequently all of our actions for patent infringement in the UK can be backdated to this date.

"Wow Stuff is also prosecuting a patent application at the European Patent Office for Air Swimmers. When granted this will give Wow! Stuff enhanced protection across all European Union member states for its Air Swimmer product range in addition to its existing rights."

Richard North, chief executive officer, Wow Stuff, added: "It’s been an interesting journey seeing how our lawyers uncover the extent that some companies are prepared to go to in order to import copies. They often have their personal names removed from directorships in case their companies are sued. We are publishing individual’s names and addresses and even if takes many years we will pursue the individuals concerned. Their company may disappear but it’s important the culprits who put a retailer’s own reputation and business at risk are known to the industry.

"This is not about going after the very small guys who won’t have known about IP infringement, it’s about fighting the bigger companies who act with incredible arrogance towards IP rights holders and who are often serial offenders."

The new TV advertising campaign of Air Swimmers launches on October 3rd. This will see new models in the Animal Planet range and licensed brands.


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